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Welcome to my website, I hope you enjoy looking at some of the images I have created.

Virtually all the wildlife images you see are chance happenings - taken when I am out and about and not set up or staked out. I do make use of public hides, such as those on Bardsey Island or on reserves, as they make it rather more comfortable to take photos and increase the chance of success as they shelter you from the elements.

There is little in the natural world that I won't try and photograph, given the opportunity, hence the subject matter on this site covers landscapes, birds, mammals, macro etc. The overseas photos were taken on normal holidays, not photography orientated and wildlife and landscapes photographed as and when the opportunity arose.

Until September 2013 I worked at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff but took advantage of a redundancy package. This change has allowed me to acquire some new kit and I now put it to use photographing the wildlife around my home city of Cardiff and the immediate environs of South Wales with occasional visits to other parts of the UK.